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Evening dresses – Polish manufacturer

POZA is a Polish manufacturer of evening dresses, operating in the industry since 1980. The high quality of our products is not only due to our extensive experience – it is also the result of our hard work, which we constantly put into fine-tuning the offered projects and methods of their implementation. How are our formal dresses made? The manufacturer should take care not only of beautiful design, but also of refined details and effective quality control. Based on this assumption, we have created a state-of-the-art facility where the entire process of creating a new dress takes place – from design, prototyping and detailed testing to mass production.

Beautiful evening dresses – Polish manufacturer with traditions

We attach great importance to the unique style of our dresses. Each model uniquely combines fresh design solutions with the classic charm of elegant women’s clothing of previous eras. This results in both the formal dresses we offer and office models, as well as clothing for everyday use.

Feel like a star on the red carpet

Very often last minute specials “pop up”. Then, as a rule, you panic and start searching your closet, as well as the closet of your mother, sister and friend. Want to avoid these stressful situations? It is worth taking precautions and stocking up on elegant evening dresses. Polish manufacturer POZA creates one-of-a-kind creations that are sure to win the heart of any woman. It is an ideal choice for both weddings, family parties and unusual occasions that require a suitable appearance.

A wide selection of tasteful styles

I guess each lady has her own clothing preferences. Some women love to follow the latest fashions and always consider current trends when deciding on evening dresses. Other ladies are proponents of traditional and tried-and-true designs and cuts. They love classic formal dresses that end around the knees and are described by many as the definition of evening elegance. Polish manufacturer POZA has prepared something for everyone.

A creation for more than one time….

What makes our formal dresses stand out? The manufacturer has made sure that proven fabrics are used in their production. This can make a woman who buys a beautiful piece of clothing feel like Cinderella. However, unlike the fairy tale heroine, the POZA creation will not disappear after one night. Polish POZA garments are very durable and look as beautiful after washing as they did before. It is worth investing in a unique creation that you will be able to wear for more than one evening.