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Manufacturer of women’s dresses

POZA creates clothing for women who want to look elegant in any situation. We are a manufacturer of women’s dresses, distinguished by classic style solutions. We are keen on modern clothing trends, but each of our models is designed to combine fashionable design with the charm of traditional feminine styles. The unique character of POZA products is well visible in both our evening proposals and models created for everyday use – in the office or during informal outings with friends. As a manufacturer of women’s dresses, we make every effort to ensure that ladies wearing our clothing always feel fashionable and very feminine.

Elegant women’s dresses from a Polish manufacturer

Our offer means that Polish women don’t have to look far to find quality women’s dresses. A Polish manufacturer is a guarantee that the products are meticulously prepared and made of high-quality materials. POZA operates in the domestic market and abroad, but our tailor shop is located in Gdansk. Every model that goes into our range is designed, sewn and tested in the POZA building, which gives us full control over the entire process and makes it easier to maintain a consistently high level.

Tasteful dresses for every occasion

As an experienced Polish manufacturer of dresses, we perfectly understand the tastes of Polish women and effectively meet their expectations, while maintaining the unique character of our brand. POZA’s product catalog includes. Tasteful dresses covered with colorful patterns, flowers or peas, as well as lace models. We produce, moreover, not only dresses. The Polish manufacturer, which has been on the market for four decades, must realize that Polish women also love jackets, coats and suits. These closet items are also a permanent part of our offer.

It is also worth noting, the precision of all our products. POZA is a Polish manufacturer of women’s dresses that meets the quality expectations of the most demanding customers.

A good choice for all seasons

Each of the unique closet items can be successfully worn in both summer and winter. The manufacturer of women’s dresses made sure that Polish women look beautiful in every season. In summer and spring, just pair them with your favorite shoes, while during the colder months, throw a cardigan or jacket on top – and voilà! You’ll be able to look like a million dollars every day, and without much effort!

An investment for years to come

Choosing the products of a manufacturer of women’s dresses is a good decision for many reasons. More than once we have already had the opportunity to praise the beautiful and unique fashions and designs of all the products, while what about the quality? POZA uses soft and durable fabrics that look just as demented after many washes as they did at “launch.” The manufacturer of women’s dresses has been on the market for more than 40 years. During this time we have managed to master the design and sewing of products that are not intimidated by different weather conditions and numerous washings.

Original design

Looking for unique creations for any occasion, you should pay attention to women’s dresses from the manufacturer POZA. We create one-of-a-kind products that are inspired by the latest trends. With our customers in mind, when designing clothing, we combine current fashion with cuts and patterns that Polish women have come to love. It is because of this that our products are liked by women of all ages and sizes! Try it, and every day you will be able to enjoy invaluable comfort in an elegant way.