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Women’s clothing manufacturers

The company and the POZA brand were established back in 1980. Only a handful of Polish women’s apparel manufacturers can boast such a long track record. For four decades, we have been designing and sewing refined dresses for our customers for various occasions. Experience in this industry is of great importance. It is what allows us to create cuts that will fit perfectly on different types of figures and guarantees that each new owner of our dress will look as beautiful as the model in the product photo.

POZA is a manufacturer of exclusive women’s clothing that really cares about quality!

As a manufacturer of women’s branded clothing, we pay great attention to every stage of production. The heart of our business is a state-of-the-art production facility, where more models are designed and then realized. All work is carried out in one place, and a constant part of the process is thorough quality control. Thus, we are sure that we offer our customers quality unattainable by many women’s clothing manufacturers, and all products bearing the POZA logo are detailed and solidly made. A reliable approach to our activities has resulted not only in popularity among female consumers, but also in a large number of customers who are eager to distribute our products. POZA is today a manufacturer of exclusive women’s clothing working with companies throughout Poland and abroad.

What products are in our assortment?

POZA is primarily elegant evening dresses and everyday models. Our offer includes proposals suitable for going to the theater, as well as dresses for family celebrations, such as weddings and anniversaries. We are a manufacturer of branded women’s apparel, the hallmark of which is classic charm. We make sure that each design uniquely combines traditional patterns of elegance with modern clothing trends. This makes POZA’s products also perfect for informal outings, work or a weekend stroll. The range of dresses is complemented by coats, jackets and suits. All products are available from both stationary retailers and our online store.

An investment for years to come

Women’s clothing manufacturers make sure that all branded clothing items are one hundred percent timeless. This means that any dress or suit will stand the test of time – both in terms of passing trends and the number of washes it has gone through. Classic cuts never go out of fashion. Women’s branded clothing manufacturer POZA creates one-of-a-kind confectionery pieces for women that will look just as striking in a few years as they do today.

For trendsetters

Manufacturers of women’s clothing have taken care of the variety of cuts available. Designers breathlessly follow hot trends in the fashion market. Foreign brands sometimes miss the tastes and requirements of Polish women when designing and sewing their products. POZA, on the other hand, thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the market, knows what to do to make every woman feel special. He easily mixes the latest trends with classic cuts to create unique dresses.

Unique creations for every woman

Very often foreign collections are created with models in mind, so in reality they do not lie as they should. Polish women’s apparel manufacturers, on the other hand, make sure that all individual garments look as attractive on customers as they do on photomodels from catalogs. POZA keeps both size 36 and 50 ladies in mind in its collections. As a result, all customers can be sure that when they buy POZA dresses, they will feel like they are wearing tailor-made creations.